• Mutt Address:1527 Middlesex St, Unit #5, Lowell MA 01851



NE SRS Brundavan was launched in 2016 with the support of Great Britain SRS Brundavan , the first international branch of the Mantralayam Shri Raghavendra Swami Mutt. Within months, this registered non-profit organization organized the first and biggest Raghavendra Swami aradhana celebration in the Boston area with over 400 attendees. Mantralaya Swamiji sent Raghavendra Swami Padukas not just for this event but as a symbol of Raghavendra Swami until the community was ready for a Mrittike Brundavan. This event and all events organized since then by NE SRS Brundavan have been completely community powered on all aspects and the Rayarhood has grown event to event.


At a high level, the organization plans to follow a 4-part roadmap –

Phase 1 – Conduct community led special events related to SRS Mutt like Raghavendra Swami Aradhana, Madhwa Navami etc and also fundraising events.

Phase 2 – (Current phase) Community run (With guidance of priests in India) interim Mutt in a leased space to allow the community to gain darshan of Raghavendra Swami Padukas and Prateeka Brundavana and congregate on a regular basis for Parayana, classes and ongoing sevas and basic religious services and observations.

To support this community run mission, please donate a recurring amount of your choice here –


Phase 3 – (Target 2018-19) Priest run and community maintained interim mutt in a leased space with full priest services including personal celebrations and pitr, satyanarayana Pujas, Upakarma and Pitru Karyas etc.

Phase 4 – Permanent and fully functional Mutt with Mrittike Brundavana

To raise funds for the mission of Raghavendra Swami in New England in general and also purchase of a property and/or construction, please donate to the Guru Raghavendra Samarpana Fund –


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